Voice of Talentime

Music is life in itself. The more we explore about music, just then would we realise that it's not only about the rhythm, melody or harmony but music is also a tool for learning and healing our inner soul. This stage is going to give you the opportunity to expose your talent to the world and be the voice for the life and lifeless.

Registration Fees : Rs. 200 per person

Bini (Event Head) - +91-9633351569

10.45 AM - 01.30 PM
02.30 PM - 05.30 PM

Friday 7th Feb

10.45 AM – 01.30 PM – Forenoon Rounds
02.30 PM – 05.30 PM – Afternoon Rounds


  • Candidates have to register with their ID cards.
  • Karaoke should be submitted in a CD or pen drive in mp3 format before 1hour and the tracks should be fair.
  • Any number of participants from same college can participate.
  • Open to all UG And PG students.
  • Judges decision will be final.
  • There will be two rounds
    • Melody and Fast
  • Time limitation
    • 7 minutes for melody round
    • 5 minutes for fast round
  • Registration fee: Rs.200 per person.